About June

June Ntazinda has worked for more than two decades helping wealthy Canadians develop investment strategies and select good managers best suited to the needs of her clients.  Her approach is simple but hard to do well.

“I want to help you get to your big picture without getting caught up in the minutia. From your Big Picture perspective, you’ll better understand what your strategy requires and how to find the best financial firms for each part of your plan. After all, the better you become at investing, the better the entire investment industry will need to become at serving you”.


The beginning

Back in the day

While on maternity leave from my position as a capital markets specialist, I completed my Chartered Financial Analyst designation and began providing investment advice.  That’s when the light went on!  Ultimately I set out on a path that would lead me to create an investment advisory firm, that grew to more than $5 billion in assets under advisement from 2003 to 2012.


I3 Advisors Inc

Dispel the smoke and mirrors

I created a solution for wealthy investors to develop, execute and monitor their own unique strategies – I3 Advisors Inc. ~ Information ~ Innovation ~ Independence. An American bank purchased this business and continues to operate it as their wealth management footprint in Canada. Since I left the business in 2012, many people have asked me, “How would you execute this type of service for ALL investors?” This website is my response: A complementary solution for any type of investor regardless of what stage of life or level of prosperity; A down-to-earth solution enabling YOU to TAKE CARE of your wealth and empower your independent investment thinking.

June Inc.


Empowering Independent Investment Thinking

After leaving I3 Advisors, I established June Inc. in 2014 as a boutique to personally take care of a few wealthy families.  I developed June Inc Online as a way to communicate to a wider audience the importance of independent thought and analysis for a successful portfolio strategy. I like to say that “people know how to make money, my job is to help them take care of the money they have made”.