Empowering your independent investment thinking!

Investing is about taking care of the money you’ve made or inherited. Taking care of money means protecting the value of your money from inflation, taxes and fees so that your money in the future is worth as much as it is today, or more.

June Inc. Online is a complimentary effective solution to help you develop an independent investment strategy regardless of your stage of life or level of prosperity.

Developing, executing and maintaining your portfolio strategy will take time, focus and patience. June Inc. Online provides a specific step by step approach for you to follow. Although there may be some hard work involved, in the end you’ll feel empowered by the portfolio strategy you build and at peace with your financial position.

June Inc. Online believes

1. No one financial firm or professional has all the skills required to take care of all of your money

2. There are many mediocre and bad investment services in the world.  I believe that out of every 100 investment managers, five to 10 may be worth paying for

3. In every element of investing, people make the difference. It’s important to find the best people for each part of your investment strategy

4. Each component of your portfolio needs to work in harmony with the others so that the result is greater than the sum of its parts

June Inc. Online is for you if you believe

• The financial industry is difficult to navigate
• That you are often unsure of where you stand or how your portfolio has done
• You are unsure of who to ask for the right advice
• You would like to know more questions to ask to help you better understand your position and what to do next

What is Included?

June Inc. Online includes five foundation steps. Each Step moves you toward your overall investment strategy in a straightforward way, and includes associated file/s (Excel and PDFs). These files will help you sort out and document your own information.  Watch the Blog page for more steps, tips and insights into ways you can better take care of your money.

Working on your own or using June Inc. Online with a financial professional, I expect you will understand

  • Your overall financial position in a simple format
  • What actions you need to take to reach your goals
  • How to determine which financial firms to invest with and how
  • How to keep track of your overall strategy and each manager within
  • How much you are paying in fees overall and to each financial firm
  • When you need to make changes
  • How to be in control & empowered by your new strategy and approach

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
– Leonardo da Vinci