June Inc. Online

My Objective

My objective in building June Inc. Online is to help investors like you develop and execute a disciplined and independent strategy for your investment portfolio.  The key ingredient in this plan is for you to be able to think independently.  As you make your way along your financial wellness path, I’ll point out what’s important and what to watch out for.  I have tried to make the tips and tools on this site as straightforward as possible and easy to use.

In life, I believe our success is directly related to our gratitude to the world. We all have good days and bad days, however, with gratitude, we all have wonderful lives.

I am grateful for my successes and my failures, for my family, my friends, all the people I have met through my lifetime, my teachers and my health.

I offer you June Inc. Online as a way to give back to the world that has been generous to me.  Along the way, I hope to contribute to the continuous improvement of the investment industry for all investors.  In the past when people have asked me why I feel passionate about this, I answered “because”. Then one day my husband sent me a quote, saying he thought ‘I lived by this motto’:

 Two kinds of gratitude: The sudden kind we feel for what we take; the larger kind we feel for what we give.

                ~Edwin Arlington Robinson

What’s included?

  • Five steps to help you develop and execute your independent investment strategy
  • Each step is accompanied by Excel and PDF files to help you determine and document your independent strategy
  • Through the blog, further steps and interesting topics and links to other interesting sites with respect to investing

I hope that over the years to come June Inc. Online will help you achieve your financial success and peace of mind!

I look forward to sharing more tips and tools with you in the coming months!