What is Included?

There are five Steps enclosed. Each explains a component of the process to move you towards your overall investment strategy. Each Step has associated file/s (Excel or PDFs) to help you determine or document your own important information, keeping the process as straight forward and simple as possible.

You Will Discover

  • Where you are financially
  • What actions you need to reach your goals
  • How to determine which financial firms to invest with and how
  • How much you are paying in fees overall/to each financial firm
  • How to keep track of your strategy and each manager
  • When you need to make changes
  • How to be in control & empowered by your new financial position

You will be in control and empowered by your new financial position. We also have a blog for interesting stories about investing that come up from time to time or ideas that we believe you would be interested in.

We hope that you’ll find the enclosed interesting and empowering!